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Ole Cod-Gers Net: Mini-United Nations Gathering

OlE COD-GERS MEETING OF September 3/12

Good turnout, good discussions, good outlook for the future:

If the First Monday of every month produces as much interest as the meeting held Sept. 3/12 at 20.00 hours UTC time on 20 metres, the Ole Cod-Gers club could turn out to be the Hot Stove Leauge of Hamsphere, where everyone sits around the pot-bellied stove over the cold Winter months to discuss the latest happenings around the world. It was a great session and produced some entertaining and productive opinions.

Here are just some of those opinions from the last meeting hosted by Ham operator N0KUO Steve on the club frequency 14.290. One of the first operators to speak was the co-founder of the club.

After commented on the recent success of the Hamsphere contest, 2hs8000, Paul went on to emphasizing the proper spelling of the club name.

“I know some people think were the Old Codgers net, but I hope nobody out there confuses that with Ole, and the Cod-gers part came out of a fishing story that Brian, G1HAH and I were talking about not too long ago, that’s when we decided to start up the Ole Cod-Gers net to talk about cod fishing and just about anything else,” chuckling as he said ,“unity throughout the globe.” Moderator Steve then passed the microphone on to those who had registered st the beginning of the meeting.

26hs4639 and 161hs363 Martin from Poland also discussed fishing, while Roy, 2hs9312 from Alabama chimed in on the recent contest. “I heard voices coming at me from all over the world for six hours,” he said, “and even after I took the head phones off, I still heard voices for several hours!”.

KC9A5C, Eric from Honolulu, who is a new user,expressed his thoughts on the Hamsphere program. “Its only my second day on the program, and I think its a great system.”

After a lively discussion on fish preservation and conservation regulations between Paul and 26hs5084 Tony, from the UK, session monitor Steve turned the microphone over to Brian G1HAH who expressed his pleasure with the meetings apparent success before turning control back to Steve. Discussions were heard about hobbies, such as coin collecting, music and computers, and of course Hamsphere and radio communication around the world. Some of the other operators spoke on various other subject, providing a great night of round table camaraderie that will most likely become the trademark of the Ole Cod-Gers future net meetings.

At one point there were close to 40 stations on the band participating or listening on the Ole Cod-Gers frequency , which was 35% of the more than 100 stations on the Hamsphere bands when the totals were taken.

At the close of the meeting, Paul, 2hs8000 thanked all the listeners and participants for what he felt was a great session for everyone concerned. “I’m glad most everyone got air time and had the opportunity to speak their mind on diffrent and very interesting subjects tonight,” he said, “Hamsphere is a fine group of people from around the world and I’m glad to see that operators from all parts of the globe participated tonight.”

The next net meeting will be on October 1st at 20.00 hours UTC time, and anyone intrested in taking part in the Mini-United Nations round table gathering would be well advised to be on 20 Mtrs, 14.290 early to register for the upcoming session of the Ole Cod-Gers net gathering.




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